Mcent Loot – Trick to Get Rs.10 In All Mcent Accounts [Without Data Usage]

Yesterday night i was surfing Mcent Offers and get to know a trick. With that i yesterday filled Rs.10 in my 5-6 Mcent Accounts and Made Recharges from that. You all must having Many Mcent Accounts ? Right ? So what if you can get Rs.10 in all within seconds ?

This Trick is Based on amazon Offer of Mcent they are giving Rs.10 by installing it .But Everytime you don’t need to download it and Waste your Data .We are Sharing a trick to do it 🙂

Requirements :

  • Mcent Latest Mobile App (Not Old Versions).
  • Mcent Account.
  • Rooted Mobile Phone.
  • Donkey Guard Installed.

Follow the Steps :

  1. Install the Mcent Mobile app latest version – Click Here
  2. Sign up / Sign In to your Account.

  3. Now Select the Amazon Offer (If you have Amazon app already installed then Uninstall it).

  4. Now For the First Time Download Amazon App its nearly of 10 Mb size.
  5. Now Open it for few seconds and Go back to Mcent.
  6. For Amazon they give money Instantly.

  7. After Getting your Money make a backup of Amazon app and Uninstall it.
  8. Now Open Donkey guard and Goto Settings of Mcent app > Identity > Randomize Android ID ,Device ID ,Sim Serial Number and Subsciber ID.

  9. Save it and Goto System and Clear Mcent Data.
  10. Now Again Open Mcent app and Login to another account.
  11. Again select Amazon offer and Click on Download.
  12. As you are redirected to Play Store start downloading it.
  13. As it starts download simply Click on Cross button and Stop the download.
  14. Goto File Manager and Install amazon app from the backup you made.
  15. Open it for few seconds and Go back to Mcent.
  16. In the Same Way like before Mcent will Give Rs.10 Instantly in your account.
  17. By this You can get Rs.10 In all Mcent accounts and without wasting your data also.

Error : Not Eligible for this Offer –

While performing the above trick more than 1 time you might got Such errors ,In order to fix it follow any below steps.

  • Change Device IMEI with Xposed IMEI Changer.
  • Randomize Settings Of Play store from Donkey Guard.
  • Add another Google Account and Remove Previous one.
Try these methods and it will be fine again for you to earn.
Note : Above trick is Working Fine we Successfully tested it.
Sharing is Caring 😉 Do share this Post and Help Others To Loot.


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