Amazon – Load Cash at your Doorstep and Get 20% Cashback on first load & 10% on Subsequent load money

Amazon – Load Cash at your Doorstep and Get 20% Cashback on first load & 10% on Subsequent load money. Amazon is back with another super deal where you will get the 20% Cashback on loading cash first time to your Amazon Pay balance (money) using Amazon Doorstep Service and 20% Cashback and 10% Cashback on Subsequent loading . This offer is valid for Selected cities such as Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi, Goa, Chennai & Coimbatore (we have added pincodes below). Checkout below details !!

using Amazon Doorstep Service:-

1) First of all, Visit Amazon Website Here (20% Cashback Offer valid on First load of Amazon Pay balance only and 10% on Subsquent loading)

2) Place any order on Cash on Delivery.

3) When Amazon come to your address for delivering your product and ask for money.

Note:- Amazon guy will not come to your Home just for loading cash, When you order anything on Cash on Delivery, Then you can ask them to Load Cash !!

4) Pay for your Cash on Delivery order.

5) Now Ask them you want to Load Cash of Rs 2500 (for maximum discount) to Amazon Pay balance >> Give them details with money and He will add the money to your account.

Note:- If Amazon guy refused to Add Money, Then Chat with Amazon customer care online and ask for compensation of Rs 200.

6) That’s it, You will get the 20% upto a maximum of Rs 500 Cashback to your Amazon Pay balance (credit). ( Offer Source Visit Here )

Terms & Conditions:-

1. This Amazon Pay Balance Add Cash Offer (“Offer”) is made available to you by Amazon Pay (India) Private Limited (formerly known as Amazon Online Distribution Services Private Limited) (“Amazon”). This Offer is in respect of Amazon’s semi closed loop pre-paid stored value account, namely ‘Amazon Pay Balance: Money’ (“Amazon Pay Balance”). It is clarified that the Amazon Pay Balance can be accessed and managed on the website and the mobile site and the mobile application thereof (collectively “”).

2. These terms and conditions (“Offer Terms”) are in addition to applicable Terms & Conditions and Privacy Notice, to which you agree to by using Amazon Pay Balance. In the event of any conflict between such Terms & Conditions and these Offer Terms, these Offer Terms will prevail, only for the purposes of this Offer.

3. A person resident in India, who is eligible to register and avail the stored value account, namely Amazon Pay Balance, is eligible to avail the Offer (collectively, “Eligible Customer”).

4. The Offer is valid from October 11, 2017 to November 08, 2017 (“Offer Duration”), unless extended or revoked by Amazon (in its sole discretion), without any prior notice and without any liability.

Any Eligible Customer who:

(a) makes any purchase from and selects the ‘Cash-on-Delivery’ payment option (if available) for the payment thereof (“Purchase Transaction”); and
(b) makes payment for the Purchase Transaction in cash to Amazon’s delivery associate, at the time of delivery; and
(c) chooses to load money in his/her Amazon Pay Balance at the time of delivery of the Purchase Transaction and during the Offer Period, and makes payment for such load in cash to the said delivery associate, will be entitled to receive a cashback:
(i) equivalent to 20% of the Amazon Pay Balance load value, on the first Amazon Pay Balance cash load, provided a minimum load of INR 100 is made; or
(ii) equivalent to 10% of the Amazon Pay Balance load value, on the subsequent / repeat Amazon Pay Balance cash load(s), provided a minimum load of INR 100 per load is made.

5. For the avoidance of doubt, to avail this Offer the Eligible Customer is required to load cash in the Amazon Pay Balance during the Offer Duration only. It is clarified that an Eligible Customer will not be entitled to avail this Offer if the cash load to Amazon Pay Balance is not available (for any reason whatsoever) at the delivery address or for the Purchase Transaction, of the Eligible Customer.
The cashback under this Offer shall be provided in the form of Gift Card, issued by QuikCilver Solutions Private Limited (“Gift Card”).

6. Under this Offer, an Eligible Customer can avail a maximum aggregate cashback of INR 500 per account during the Offer Period.
The Eligible Customer will be eligible to receive cashback under this Offer only in the event Eligible Customer makes payment in cash for: (i) Purchase Transaction (i.e. purchase order placed on, and (ii) load of the Amazon Pay Balance.

7. The Gift Card for the cashback will be provided to the Eligible Customer within 7 (seven) business days of the expiry of this Offer. The use and redemption of the Gift Card(s) is governed by the Gift Card Terms and Conditions, available at:

8. The Purchase Transaction of the Eligible Customer will be governed by the Conditions of Use & Sale.

9. Amazon or any of its affiliates do not endorse any of the products or brands being offered on or purchased under the Purchase Transaction, and will not accept any liability pertaining to the quality, merchantability, fitness, delivery or after sales service of any products.

10. This Offer will not be applicable if the order of the Purchase Transaction is returned or cancelled by the Eligible Customer, seller or Amazon Seller Services Private Limited (entity operating It is clarified that such cancellation or return may be for any reason whatsoever. This Offer will also not be applicable if the Eligible Customer fails or is unable to load cash in his/her Amazon Pay Balance at the time of delivery of the Purchase Transaction.

11. Amazon reserves the right to disqualify an Eligible Customer from the benefits of the Offer if any fraudulent activity is identified as being carried out for the purpose of availing the Offer.

 13) The Eligible Pin Codes for the purposes of this Offer are:
560104, 560096, 560091, 560086, 560079, 560044, 560040, 560023, 560021, 560020, 560012, 560010, 560003, 400036, 400034, 400026, 400008, 400007, 400006, 400037, 400022, 400017, 400019, 400014, 400031, 400033, 400015, 400012, 400016, 400025, 400028, 400030, 400018, 400013, 400011, 110060, 110055, 110011, 110008, 110005, 110004, 110001, 403714, 403713, 403712, 403711, 403710, 403709, 403708, 403707, 403706, 403701, 403604, 403602, 403601, 403409, 403407, 403402, 403401, 403204, 403203, 403201, 403115, 403108, 403104, 403002, 403001, 641114, 641101, 641046, 641041, 641039, 641026, 641018, 641010, 641009, 641007, 641003, 641002, 641001, 600107, 600106, 600102, 600101, 600099, 600095, 600094, 600049, 600040, 600038, 600037, 600034, 600031, 600030, 600029, 600026, 600024, 600023, 600010

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