Flipkart Refer and Earn Loot Trick – Get Free Unlimited Flipkart Gift Vouchers [Loot Over]

As you all must be knowing that flipkart is back with a new refer and earn campaign giving free gift vouchers to users and refers too. You can refer your friends – but if you want to make money then here is a trick with which you can loot free gift vouchers of Rs.50 multiple times.

Get Flipkart App Now

How to get Rs.50 Free Gift Voucher ?

  1. Download flipkart app now. (Referral link – Use this to get Rs.50 Free).
  2. Sign Up for a new account.
    Note : In order to get Rs.50 Flipkart Voucher free you have to Sign up.
  3. Once Successfully Signed Up – You will be mailed your Respective voucher.
Note : If it asks you to enter an Invite code then enter this code : blwnuu

Now you are ready to loot. 
Unlimited Loot Trick :-

1. Rooted Mobile Device.
Requirements :

  • Flipkart Latest APK
  • Android ID Changer
  • IMEI Changer – Click Here (Xposed Must be Installed)
    1. After doing all above steps you have to visit “Refer and Earn” section in the app at the top right icon.

    2. Get Referral Code and now Clear Flipkart app data. (Make sure you remember your account – you will get all coupons here only). 
    3. Now Change Your Device’s Android ID (With Android ID Changer) and IMEI by Xposed IMEI Changer
    4. Now simply open flipkart app > Sign up for a new account.
    5. Verify with the help of your mobile number.
    6. You will see a notification in the app like this –

    7. Tap on Apply code and now enter your main account’s Referral code.
    8. Congratulations ! You have got 2 Free Flipkart Gift Voucher Worth Rs.50

    9. Follow same process again and again to earn more.
    2. Bluestacks.
    1. Get The Rooted Bluestacks From Here : http://bit.ly/1M6qKWg
      And BS-Tweaker From Here : http://bit.ly/bluestack_tweaker
    2. Firstly use Bluestacks as it is. After getting Your voucher – Clear Flipkart app’s data.
    3. You just have to change bluestack’s Guid, Android Id and google advertising  Id Of Bluestacks to loot flipkart vouchers.

    4. Change the following things and Restart Bluestacks.
    5. Simply open Flipkart app and Sign up a new account > Verify mobile no.
    6. Apply Referral code and Voila ! You got it.
    For Informations regarding this offer – Visit here


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