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FAQs :

Frequently Asked Questions :-

Basic Overview of A2Y Privileged Membership:

1️⃣ You will get Extra Cashback on All Offers
2️⃣ Exclusive Access to Privileged Members Group
3️⃣ Monthly Special Member only Treats / Rewards
4️⃣ Joining Bonus: Free Rs.30 A2Y Cashback
5️⃣ Priority Withdrawal & Support (No Transfer Fee Ever)

You can Buy A2Y Privileges Membership with Either A2Y Confirmed Cash Balance (if you have Rs.99 atleast)
1. Tap on ‘Buy with A2Y Cash’ Tab Above
2. Now You will see Button ‘Pay Rs.99 Now’ , Click on it 
3. That’s it! You will become A2Y Privileged Member within 24 hours.

Else You can use Other Method (Paytm/UPI/Card)
1. Enter your Email & Mobile Number & Submit
2. You will get sms/email with the Payment Link
3. Use that Payment Link to Pay Rs.99 using Paytm Wallet/Card/Net banking/Etc
4. That’s it! You will become A2Y Privileged Member within 24 hours.

All Payments Modes are Secured, Don’t Worry!!


As an Introductory Offer, You will get Below Joining Benefits!
  • Free Rs.20 A2Y Cash as Soon as you Become An A2Y Privileged Member
  • You will be Added to A2Y Privileged Telegram Group with other Trusted Community Members (Super Exclusive)

All Users Subscribing to A2Y Privileged Membership will enjoy services for 6 months.

Later Renew if you want or Leave, No Commitments*

Yes, If you bought A2Y Privileged Membership through Online Payment Methods (Except A2Y Cash), You can ask for a refund within 7 Days of Joining.

You will get your Paid amount back into your Paytm Wallet or Bank (Source Account)

Refunds Available for All Online Payment Methods (Paytm/Card/UPI/NB/Etc)
  • We Hold rights to Delete your Membership anytime if you are not following A2Y Guidelines or Found Violating our System
  • Once You Bought Membership through A2Y Cash, You cannot Ask for a Refund
  • Refunds are available only for Online Payment Methods (Paytm/Card/UPI/NB/Etc)
  • Joining Bonus & Bingo ticket once issued cannot be refunded or exchanged with other prizes
  • It May take upto 24-48 hour to Approve your Payment or process your Membership
  • A2Y hold Rights to change the Membership terms at any possible time.
  • Joining Bonus and other Priority Services depends upon Eligibility and are subject to change also if required
  • Mentioned Bonus or Services might be reduced or increased as per the Membership occupancy.
  • Extra Cashback Received on Offers will be cancelled if you Cancel your Order/Exchange your orders

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