SharkID App Loot- Get Rs 7/Refer Paytm Cash + Earn Upto Rs25,000

SharkID App Loot- Get Rs 7/Refer Paytm Cash

SharkID is a social contact app that keeps your contacts updated. When your friends change their job/address/number your contact list will get automatically updated. Which means no more dead contacts or duplicate contacts.

A2Y Brings you the SharkID app, where you can make earning money really easy, with just 15 refers you can earn Upto Rs 25000 directly in your paytm Wallet. Moreover, there is no minimum redemption terms, so that you can earn and redeem whenever you want.

SharkID App Loot

This app is totally genuine & verified personally by us, then only we are posting it. Proof also added below!

How to avail SharkID App Loot ?

  • Firstly, CLICK HERE to Download SharkID App from Play Store

Download SharkID App

  • Once installed open the App > Enter your Mobile number
  • Let the app verify your mobile number with the OTP Sent
  • Once verified, Now enter other required details such as Name, Email, etc
  • Complete your profile & give it some final touches.
  • That’s it! Now you are all set to earn with SharkID App

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How to Refer & Earn?

  • Navigate to the main menu of the app
  • You will see Offers /Deals > Tap on it
  • Now click on the ‘Refer & Earn‘ Banner
  • Tap on Button ‘Participate’ > Now you need to refer atleast 3 friends to enroll in the refer & Earn program of SharkID App
  • To invite your friends > Share your referral link by Clicking on ‘Invite‘ Button
  • You can see the referral status under the ‘Status‘ Button present beside the ‘Invite‘ Button


SharkID App Loot Referral Network Earning

You will get Rs 7/refer whom you refer & Rs 7/refer everytime your network refers to someone. If you, your friends & their friends refer 3 friends each, your network would add 39 referrals as shown below.

Who Refers Average Referrals per user Total Referrals
You 3 3
Your 3 Friends 3 9
Your 9 Friend of Friends 3 27
Total Referral   39x7rs Each= Rs 273


In this case you would easily earn Rs 273 by just referring 3 friends & same if your network does.


Refer 15 friends & Earn Upto Rs 25,305

Who Refers Average
Referral per user
Total Referrals
You 15 15
Your 15 Friends 15 225
Your 225 Friend of Friends 15 3375
Total Referral   3615


If you refer 15 of your friends & your friends again refer 15 of their friends then your network would be like the above table. Your network would be worth of 3615 peoples and for the same you will earn Rs 25,304 Paytm Cash. Your average earnings per refer (15) will be Rs.25,305 / 15 referrals = Rs. 1687/referral which is amazing and enough for you to took some free time & refer your buddies!

How to Instantly Redeem your Earnings?

  • Once your friend downloads & signs up on SharkID App
  • SharkID would take few minutes to track it
  • Goto Menu > Offers/ Deals > Refer & Earn
  • Tap on Status > You will see the history of referred users
  • Click on Redeem Button which is coming at the bottom
  • That’s it! You will instantly receive the SharkID Bonus in your paytm wallet


Important Points to Remember

  • You need to refer minimum 3 Friends if you want to earn referral benefits of your network
  • From the Next Month, you need to refer 1 new friend/month. To keep your earnings active
  • Use SharkID daily, payment can be redeemed within 48 hours


SharkID Payment Proof

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