Airtel 3G TCP VPN Internet Trick Working All India [Openly Posted] | March 2015

Welcome guys, As in many state airtel is rolling with Open UDP Ports we have brought a new TCP Trick for PC and Mobile Users with a decent Speed of 100-200 Kbps .This Trick is based on Airtel Live Host , Airtel Guru Host and On Wynk Host. Working in almost all parts of india where udp port is opened or not. Everyone can enjoy this Trick .

Requirements :
  1. Airtel 3G Enabled Sim Card with 0 Bal.
  2. Modem with WCDMA Mode supported (or)
  3. Mobile Device with WCDMA Mode supported.
  4. NMD VPN For PC Users – Download Now
  5. Open VPN For Android Users – Download Now
  6. Config Files in order to use this Trick – Download Now

Features :
  • Speed Upto 200 Kbps (In UP East)
    May be High or Low in your State.
  • No Speed Capping Problems.
  • No Disconnection Problems.
  • Sim Blocking issue after 242 MB of Usage.
  • Works in 2G Mode also with Low Speed.
  • Unlimited Vpn  Provider.
  • Easy to setup .
How To Use It :

Android Mobile Users:
  1. Download the given config. file and save it in SD Card.
  2. Download Feat Vpn/ Open Vpn  (Any one).
  3. Open Open VPN (Or other) and upload config files from your Sd card to Open Vpn.
  4. Now Connect.
PC/Laptop Users :
  1. Download NMD VPN.
  2. Install it and you must run it as “Run As Administrator”
  3. Paste the downloaded config file to C:Program FilesNMD VPNConfig
  4. Now Open NMD VPN as “Run As Administrator” ,Now in the system tray you will see its icon : Red Color means ‘Disconnected’ , Yellow means “Connecting” ,Green means “Connected”
  5. Connect it with any one config file.

Connection Proofs :
Speed Proofs :
Working States :
  • UP East
  • UP West
  • Uttarakhand
  • Jharkhand
  • Delhi
  • Kolkata
  • Bihar
  • Comment for more :p

Download :

If it is working for you ,Then plz say us thanks and Mention your State in the Comment !!!!
Ajio [CPS] IN



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