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Winners Have been declared [Thanks for Participating]

Welcome Everyone – Summers are now at their End ! Enjoy Monsoon with Great Fun all – We are Organizing a small giveaway contest for all our Visitors – You can win free Photo Prints / Recharges / Paytm – Mobikwik Cash in this Giveaway. 

Its our very First time when we are organizing a Quiz Contest – Live at 8:15 PM Today .There will be total 12 Questions – All Will be at an Interval of 5 Minutes ! In this 5 Minutes Users Has to be the First to Answer. First Commenter with Correct answer will win – Each Round will be having a new winner.
More Details are Below :- 

Ajio [CPS] IN

Total Prize Worth Rs.730+ (Including Recharges / Photo Magnets and Wallet Cash).

Prizes to be Won ?
  1. 1. Free Photo Magnets Worth Rs.179 (Including Taxes and Shipping) – 2 Winners.
  2. 2. Free Recharges Worth Rs.50 x 5 Winners.
  3. 3. Free Paytm-Mobikwik Cash of Rs.25 x 5 Winners.
Note : For Photo Magnet Winners – He / She has to send his / her’s Preferred Photograph and Full Address Details to us We will be Ordering it. 
“Winner cannot Exchange this Prize in exchange of Recharge or by any other mean”
Questions – 1 and 12 will Carry Photo Magnet prizes.
Questions – 2 ,4 ,6 ,8 and 10 will carry Rs.50 Recharges.
Questions – 3 ,5 ,7 ,9 and 11 will carry Mobikwik-Paytm Cash Prizes.

All Prizes are Claimed By Their Owners 🙂

Winners :-

Round 1 :- Arush Gupta – Photo Magnets [CLAIMED]
Round 2 :- Gaurav Modi – Rs.50 Recharges. [CLAIMED]
Round 3 :- Anmol Kapil – Rs.25 Mobikwik-Paytm Cash. [CLAIMED]
Round 4 :- Ashwini Sagar – Rs.50 Recharges. [CLAIMED]
Round 5 :- Umesh Chaurasia – Rs.25 Mobikwik-Paytm Cash. [CLAIMED]
Round 6 :- Arun Gupta – Rs.50 Recharges. [CLAIMED]
Round 7 :- Himanshu Pal – Rs.25 Mobikwik-Paytm Cash. [CLAIMED]
Round 8 :- Summit Kumar – Rs.50 Recharges. [CLAIMED]
Round 9 :- Jaison John – Rs.25 Mobikwik-Paytm Cash. [CLAIMED]
Round 10 :- Anmol Kapil – Rs.50 Recharges.  [CLAIMED]
Round 11 :- Umesh Chaurasia – Rs.25 Mobikwik-Paytm Cash. [CLAIMED]
Round 12 :- Pavan Prakash – Photo Magnets [CLAIMED]

Special Recharge Prizes :-

Rs.20 Recharge – Hreo Hero  [CLAIMED] / Manthan Dudeja  [CLAIMED]  / Hack Rdx [CLAIMED] / Manu Aggarwal [CLAIMED] (Won On the Basis on Comment Counts).

Redeem Your Winnings :-

  • Both Photo Magnet Winners Should Mail their Preferred Photograph and Full Address and Contact details to [email protected]
  • All Mobile Recharge Winners Have to Mail us Their Mobile Number to be recharged to [email protected]
  • Wallet Cash balance Winners can choose Mobikwik or Paytm (Anyone wallet) mail your preferred wallet and mobile number registered with your account to [email protected]
Its Important to Mail the Following Details to Us By 30th June . After that we will not accept any Requests.

Topics For The Questions Will be Asked – Current Affairs / Related to Internet / Related to Online Shopping Sites / Maths.

Question 1 :-  Name any 3 Shopping / Online Deals Site Starting With The Letter – “Z” . Make Sure Your Spellings are Correct (Name Only Indian Sites).
Ans :- Zovi / Zivami / Zoomin

Question 2 :- Name the country Launched BX1E ,first Electric Plan ?????
Ans :- China .

Question 3 :- Tell the Whatsapp Mobile Number On Which You Send Request for Subscription. (Only 10 Digit Number is Required).
Ans :- 8181931595

Question 4 :- Tell On what date Does Yoga Day Was Celebrated Recently ?

Ans :- 21st June / 21-06

Question 5 :- The sum of two natural numbers is 18 and their difference gives 10. What are the two numbers ?

Ans :- 14 and 4 .

Question 6 :- If 1+3 = 5 , If 3+4=10 and if 5+10=20 then what will be 4+4 be equal to ?

Ans :- 12 .
Question 7 :- India has promised assistance of ___?___ to earthquake- hit Nepal for its huge reconstruction programme. This announcement was made by External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj at the Donors’ Conference in Kathmandu.
Ans :- $1 Billion

Question 8 :- Name the Online Shopping Site which Recently organized 100% Cashback sale on various Electronic Products including Mobiles / Powerbanks / Tablets.
Ans :- Paytm .

Question 9 :- ___?____, the governor of the state of Louisiana, USA has announced that he is joining the presidential race, becoming the 13th Republican to do so this election cycle. He is also the first Indian-American ever to run for president of US.
Ans :- Bobby Jindal .

Question 10 :- Just Comment the Current Price of OnePlus one smartphone (64 GB ,Silk White) on Amazon.in ????
Include – Currency 
Ans :- Rs.18998

Question 11 :- Comment the Maximum Number Of Peoples can be added in a Broadcast List ?
Just Comment the Specific Numeric Value .
Ans :- 256

Question 12 :- India’s batting legend ____?____has been voted the ‘Best Test player’ of the 21st century in an online poll conducted by Cricket Australia’s website. Kumar Sangakara of Sri Lanka received second highest votes followed by Australia’s Adam Gilchrist in the third position.
Ans :- Sachin Tendulkar.

FAQs :-

  1. 1. Where will be the Questions will be asked ?
    Ans – No need to Worry about it – We will ask Questions here only in this Post at every 5 mins – Like first ques at 8:00 > Next at 8:05 / 8:10 and So on.
  2. 2. Where can i answer them ?
    Ans – Simply keep Refreshing your Page for Question Update and As new Ques comes Ansewer it in the Comment box !
  3. 3. On what Basis Winners will be Chosen ?
    Ans – Well ! Already Said – First Commenter who comments right answer will be winner that particular round.

Terms and Conditions :

1. We owns the right to disqualify any of the participant who violates our terms.

2. All Prizes are eligible only for selected participants – “No criteria will be applied”

3. Contest can be shutted and can be changed anytime.

4. We can anytime cancel your Free Gift / Recharge if we found you guilty.

5. No Spams and no abusment will be entertained.

6. Prizes are as mentions and can be anytime charged based upon the owner.

7. We owns each and every right so please contact us for details [email protected]

Please Mail Us / Comment below for any Assistance !


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