(Results Decleared) A2Y Quiz Contest – Win Free Recharge / Paytm Cash and Gift Vouchers

After a long time, We are organizing a Quiz Contest, Just Answer few Questions and Win Free Movie Tickets, Recharges, Paytm Cash, OLA Vouchers and lots more. Thanks for your love guys, Keep visiting A2Y for more deals and offers and Best of luck for the contest.

Thanks for the awesome response guys, We will be back with another great giveaway offer soon – Stay tuned!

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We will ask 12 Questions in total at a particular interval of time (5 minutes), Each Question will carry a unique prize – The one who answers first will win that round others can keep trying their lucks by answering upcoming questions.

Note – One user can win only one prize as we just have 12 winners so each one should get an equal chance, Still they can play with us by answering questions.

Ajio [CPS] IN

Prizes to be Won :-
  • Question 1 –  Rs.100 Paytm Cash
  • Questions 2, 4, 6 ,8 – Rs.200 OLA Voucher (Rs.100 x 2)
  • Question 5, 10 – Rs.50 Flipkart E-Gift Voucher
  • Question 3, 7, 9 , 11 – Rs.20 Mobile Recharge
  • Question 12 – “Tamasha” Free Movie Ticket
Total Prize worth Rs. 1600+

Winners :-

  • Round 1 : Puru Mittal – Rs.100 Paytm Cash Prize
  • Round 2 : Ketan Yadav – Rs.200 worth OLA Voucher
  • Round 3 : Abhinash Kumar – Rs.20 Mobile Recharge
  • Round 4 : Pravav22 – Rs.200 worth OLA Voucher – pranav
  • Round 5 : Robin Rawat – Rs.50 Flipkart E-Gift Voucher
  • Round 6 : Dilip – Rs.200 worth OLA Voucher
  • Round 7 : Manu Agarwal – Rs.20 Mobile Recharge
  • Round 8 : Bappaditya Maity – Rs.200 worth OLA Voucher
  • Round 9 : Arunpreet Singh – Rs.20 Mobile Recharge
  • Round 10 : Lovish – Rs.50 Flipkart E-Gift Voucher
  • Round 11 : Varun – Rs.20 Mobile Recharge
  • Round 12 : Kushal Upadhyay – Tamasha” Movie Ticket

We have attached comment link with each winner’s name so that anyone can make out the winner.

Note – Users who have won Multiple times are selected and given rewards in comparison of price (As one can win only once). Users with multiple winnings and round no. with comment links are given below.

Users with Multiple Winnings :-
  • Dilip – Won Round 6, 7 and 8
  • Pranav22 – Won Round 4 and 11

Redeem your Winnings :-
  • Winner of Round 1 : Mail us your Paytm Registered mobile number and from the same email which they used in commenting below through Disqus Comments.
  • Winners of Round 2, 4, 6 ,8, : Be patience, You will be mailed with your OLA Vouchers by tomorrow!
  • Winners of Round 5, 10 : Be patience, You will be mailed with your Flipkart Gift Vouchers by tomorrow!
  • Winners of Round 3, 7, 9 , 11 : Mail us your Mobile number and Operator Details from the same email which they used in commenting below through Disqus Comments.
  • Winner of Round 12 : Mail us your “Cinema Preferences” , “Show time” , “Seat preference or Seat number” and “date of booking“. Make sure that the booking data is before 3rd November and booking time has to be atleast 24 hours before mailing us.

How to Participate :-
  • Contest will be held at 7:00 PM today, be ready before 10 minutes.
  • First Question will come at 7:00 PM sharp, After each 5 minutes interval next question will be asked i.e., 7:05 , 7:10 and so on (Last Question).
  • In this 5 minutes the user has be be the first to comment correct answer – “First Commenter with appropriate answer will won”.
  • Most Important – You have to either Login or Sign Up in the Disqus comments below with your correct details.

  • Once Signed in, You are ready to participate – Answer and Win Free Prizes.
Topics For The Questions Will be Asked – Current Affairs / Related to Internet / Related to Online Shopping Sites.
Last Question Live Now!!

(Keep Google Open :p)

Questions :-
    Question 12 – Comment the name with which Deepika Padukone introduce herself to Ved (Ranbeer kapoor), and name the “Mountainous-Mediterranean island” where “Tamasha” shooting is done?
    TIP – See the official trailer of Tamasha to find out both of the answers (Watch Carefully!).
    Answer – Mona Darling, Corsica

    Question 11 – Comment the link of an E-commerce website which is providing 90% Cashback on orders by paying through a specific Mode of Payment?
    P.S. Only comment the website link, nothing else required!
    Answer – www.shopclues.com

    Question 10 – Comment the Site link which was providing a loot offer today, where we are actually getting product worth Rs.150 in Rs.50 only? (Site link is required not name).
    Answer – Ebay India or Ebay

    Question 9 Comment the site link where OnePlus X is being sold (No Product link required) along with the price of the Smartphone (Seperated by a (,) comma) ?
    Answer www.amazon.in , Rs.16,999

    Question 8 Which Indian state has entered the Guinness Book of World Records for planting the most number of saplings in one day?
    Answer – Uttar Pradesh

    Question 7  Name the country hosting 19th SAARC Submit in 2016 where our PM (Mr. Narendra Modi) will also take part?
    Answer – Pakistan

    Question 6  The idea of ‘Solar Alliance’ has been mooted by which country?

    Answer – India
    Question 5  The Asia’s Longest Beach Festival will be held in which state/union territory of India?
    Answer – Daman and Diu

    Question 4 – When does the World AIDS Day is held each year and is an opportunity for people worldwide to unite in the fight against HIV ?
    Answer – 1st December

    Question 3 Which country will host the 12th South Asian Games in 2016?

    Answer – India

    Question 2 Which country has planned to build world’s first salt lake data centre? 
    Answer – [C] China

    Question 1 Tell the Most Recent foreign trip made by Mr.Narendra Modi?
    Answer – Singapore
    Results will be declared at 9:00 PM Sharp!

    Rules :-
    • Don’t comment same answer again and again otherwise you will be disqualified!
    • Please read the question carefully before answering.
    • Answer’s Spelling should be correct if your spelling is not correct then the winner will be the next person with correct answer.
    • One user can win only once in this quiz contest.
    • To claim your rewards you have to mail with the same email id which you have used to Comment below through Disqus comments.

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    FAQs :-

    1. Where will be the Questions will be asked ?
      Ans – No need to Worry about it – We will ask Questions here only in this Post at every 5 mins – Like first ques at 7:00 > Next at 7:05 / 8:10 and So on.
    2. Where can i answer them ?
      Ans – Simply keep Refreshing your Page for Question Update and As new Ques comes, Answer it in the Comment box !
    3. On what Basis Winners will be Chosen ?
      Ans – Well ! Already Said – First Commenter who comments right answer will be winner that particular round.
    4. Comment below for any other query!

    Terms and Conditions :

    1. We owns the right to disqualify any of the participant who violates our terms.
    2. All Prizes are eligible only for selected participants – “No criteria will be applied”
    3. Contest can be shutted and can be changed anytime.
    4. We can anytime cancel your Free Gift / Recharge if we found you guilty.
    5. No Spams and no abusment will be entertained.
    6. Prizes are as mentions and can be anytime charged based upon the owner.
    7. We owns each and every right so please contact us for details [email protected]

    Please Mail Us / Comment below for any Assistance !


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