Snapdeal Sunshine – Gift Products for Charity (Donate for a Better India)

Snapdeal in association with various Trusted Indian NGOs making attempts for a better India. Donate warn clothes & other essential products to needfuls via Snapdeal. Here just place donation on snapdeal and Snapdeal will safely deliver your donations to the NGO associated. Then the NGO will be distributing it to the needy. 

We are celebrating our 67th Republic day this year and after so many years of republic also, peoples are suffering from poverty & fighting for their living. As per the survey held in 2015, around 10% of global population is acquired in the field of poverty by India. Its too sad to know such results.
We should thank god, that we are not at such stage. We are capable enough to live healthy and safeguard our family. This republic day you can enlight a dark house, give warm cloth to a needy, educate a child & lots more. Make some donations generously to those who are in need, Snapdeal is here to make a secure way towards the needy.
How to make donation :-

  • Visit here
  • You will get a list of NGOs working in various fields to help the needies.
  • Select your own choice of cause / NGO
  • Click on ‘Donate Now’ button to Browse through the products available to donate.
  • Decide product and quantity for donation & pay for it.
  • Snapdeal will delivers products at NGO’s location securely.
List of Cause / NGOs :-
Checkout how Airlift is supporting Snapdeal Sunshine Movement :-

This post is just for awareness purposes, as Money is not everything. We are humans and one human can only help the other. #ProveHumanity


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