A2Y ICC T20 World Cup Contest – Predict Runs & Play Quiz to Win Upto Rs.5,000 Paytm Cash

In our Recently held ‘A2Y’s User Feedback Survey‘, Many users have suggested us to Why not to organize a Contest for the Ongoing ICC World T20 Cup & Cheer Team India. So guys, here’s your suggestion has been accomplished by us. Still you can provide us more of your valuable suggestions & feedback. We will look further for each of the single feedback to be accomplished.

Update – Users Won Above Rs.200 can get ‘Direct Bank Transfer’ via NEFT / IMPS. Kindly Mail us before 6th April to claim your Winnings.

Winners of A2Y ICC #WT20 Contest : Congratulations to our Top 20 Winners + As well as Daily ‘Master Predictor Winners‘ – Click here to view the winners (Mail your registered Number only to claim your prize)

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Ajio [CPS] IN

Note – Last day to claim your prize is 6th April, 2016. Any Proclaiming further the dead line will not be entertained. User needs to mail in order to claim his/her’s prize to [email protected]

Types of Contests :-

  1. Cheer for India‘ & Prediction Contest
  2. Top Predictors‘ Contest
  3. Social Virality‘ Contest
1. ‘C4I’ & Prediction Contest :-

Cheer for India (C4I) & Prediction contest will be valid for specific WT20 matches. We will post the upcoming match (Contest) details time to time. You have to fill a google form with the appropriate answers of the questions asked & also predict the runs the team might be scoring. Correct Guess’s will won!

Contest Guidelines :-
  • User has to fill up the form provided before the match starts with appropriate answers of the questions asked, and Runs predictions too.
  • Each Correct Answer will give you 5 points & if you predict correct run that can be scored, you will get 10 points 
  • All the points for each correct answers will be counted & Leader-board will be made.
  • Top 15 Leading Members will be given special prizes (Prizes via Ranking-wise). This will be accumulated after the last match results only.
  • Each time, for each new contest match a new Google form links will be provided in 25 hours before the match toss.
  • User has to login to his/her’s Google account in order to fill-up the form.
  • Runs Prediction will be ‘Accurate’ in order to win. The user needs to enter any number between (50 – 300).
  • The 2 numbers after & 2 number before the entered ‘Accurate’ Runs will be considered by us (Eg. If a user predicts 123 runs then he will be eligible for the prize if the team scores 121 – 125 runs).
Highlights – Get 10 Scoreboard Points for ‘Accurate Score Prediction’ 

2. Top Predictors Contest :-

As we have already said, All Correct answers & correct runs prediction will give you 5 & 10 points respectively. All points will be accumulated & Leader-board of Top 15 users (Predictors) will be made (Not beyond that).

Contest Guidelines :-
  • 5 points for each correct answer & 10 for correct runs prediction.
  • Leader-board of 10 users will only be created, In order to lead you need to participate in all ‘Match Contests’ of ‘C4I’ & Prediction contest.
  • Winners will be choose after the last ‘Contest Match’, & their winning prizes will be mailed within 72 hours. 
  • Leader-board Duration – 1st Contest Match -to- Last Contest Match
  • Leader-Board link will be added soon as the 1st Contest Match prediction gets over.
  • Prizes for each ranking will be shared in the Leader-board page itself.

Leader-Board Winning Prizes :-
  • 1st Rank throughout the Tournament- Rs.750 Paytm Cash
  • 2nd Rank throughout the Tournament- Rs.650 Paytm Cash
  • 3rd Rank throughout the Tournament- Rs.550 Paytm Cash
  • 4th Rank throughout the Tournament- Rs.450 Paytm Cash
  • 5th Rank throughout the Tournament- Rs.350 Paytm Cash
  • 6th Rank throughout the Tournament- Rs.250 Paytm Cash
  • 7th -10th Rank throughout the Tournament- Rs.150 Paytm Cash each
  • 11th – 15th Rank throughout the Tournament- Rs.100 Paytm Cash each
  • Special T20: 16-20 Rank throughout the Tournament – Rs.20 Paytm Cash each
3. Social Virality Contest :-

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  • Tag atleast 5 of your friends (Facebook & Twitter Both)
  • Copy the Post Link of your shared post.
  • Now, Visit here
  • Fill up the form with your Shared links & personal details.
  • Posts received most Likes, Favorites, Comment or Re-tweets will be selected.
  • Winners will be mailed with their Winning Prize (Free Recharge / Paytm Cash will be there, No Coupons or Vouchers).
  • Note – Many users are putting their ‘Facebook ID Link‘ & ‘Emails‘ in the Post link section. These are not at all accepted only put the Post link if you have shared, 20 Points will not be credited for an Invalid Entry

Contest Guidelines :-
  • Top 10 most Shared, Retweeted, Favourited, Liked, Commented Posts will be choosen for the contest.
  • Top 10 ‘Social Virality Posts’ will be given Rs.100 Paytm Cash Each (Rs.1,000 in total).
  • Fill up this form & each participant will get 20 points added to his total score which will help him / her to lead in the Predictor’s Leader-Board.
  • Post should be shared or tweeted at ‘Public visibility’ level.
  • ‘Participant’ Must tag atleast 5 of his/her’s friends in his/her’s post.
  • Final decision is totally of ABHI2YOU.com only.
  • User must share proper link of the post & fill up the participant form here
Total Prize worth – Rs. 1,000  + 20 Scoreboard points per participation in ‘Social Virality Posts’
Scoring Leader-board Points :-
  • 20 Points on filling ‘Social Virality‘ Form with appropriate details (One-Time)
  • 20 Points Per correct answers of ‘Master Prediction: Crack the Clue’ Question.
  • 10 Points per ‘Accurate Runs Predictions‘ Made by the participant (Scorable Per Match)
  • 5 Points per ‘Correct answer‘ of the ‘C4I & Prediction’ Contest (Scorable Per Question)
  • We will play Occasionally Games & contests on twitter where on each correct answer you will earn 5 points & special prizes through Twitter DM. So don’t forgot to follow us on twitter
  • That’s it!
Terms & Conditions :-
  • A user participating in this contest is tends to accept each & every terms & conditions of this contest.
  • Contest is limited to A2Y Visitors & A2Y Notifier app users only, Further anyone can participate in this contest & win free prizes.
  • User has to fill correct Name, Email & Mobile Number in order to be an eligible participant.
  • A2Y owns right to shut this offer anytime.
  • A2Y owns the right for final decision regarding this contest. A2Y can disqualify any user / participant if found guilty.
  • All Prizes are eligible only for selected participants – “No criteria will be applied”
  • No Spams and no abusment will be entertained.
  • Prizes are as mentions and can be anytime charged based upon the owner.
  • Scoreboard / Leader-board are the victorious 
  • Users won will be contacted on their ‘Mobile Numbers‘ In order to confirm their winnings & send their paytm cash.
  • If not received your prize value (Paytm Cash) within 72 hours, mail here [email protected]
  • We owns each and every right so please contact us for details [email protected]


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