(Winners Declared) A2Y New Year Pre-Party – Share us on Facebook and Get Upto Rs.500 Cash Prize

As you all know, Last few Days of year 2016 is left now. We are moving towards the future (Welcoming the Glorious year 2017). We hope this year proves grateful for the nation & especially for India. May Terrorism, corruption, VIP culture & other evils of the society vanish off. Being Indian we have gone through great struggles in past few years but there’s always a hope… Hope for a better world, Hope for a better Environment. Hope & only Hope…

Update – If you don’t want to public your Facebook ID here in Comments the please mail us your Profile Link / Post Link to [email protected]

Contest Extended – We have increased this Contest Period for 1 day more so that every of our New Visitor coming may also participate & Win. Now the contest will end at 11:59 on 1st January, 2017. Results on 3rd January, 2017

To Transform hope into a change, then guys, We need to Change. So here we are celebrating New Year’s Pre-Party and hoping to provide you the better & best deals in future. Year 2016 has proved great for us and we can’t let it go like this – Celebration must be there!!
Presenting our 1st NY Pre-Party Giveaway, Where you just need to share a simple post on your Facebook Timeline, group or page. Posts will greater number of likes will win exciting Prizes.

Last year we have organised the same giveaway & this year also we are thinking the same, We have increased the prizes also this time so that more people may win this giveaway!

Ajio [CPS] IN

: This Year’s (2017) Winners :-

  • *1st* Shibatosh Das – Rs.500 – 760 Likes
  • *2nd* Arvind Jaiswal – Rs.300 – 565 Likes
  • *3rd* Shubham Bareliya – Rs.100 Recharge – 472 Likes
  • *4th* Jagdish Kulkarni – Rs.100 Recharge – 384 Likes
  • *5th* Shivendra Upadhyay – Rs.50 Recharge – 316 Likes
  • *6th* Ayush Chabra – Rs.50 Recharge – 291 Likes
  • *7th* Rajdeep Agarwal – Rs.30 Paytm Cash – 279 Likes
  • *8th* Faizal Ali Khan – Rs.30 Paytm Cash – 251 Likes
  • *9th* Bablu Singh – Rs.30 Paytm Cash – 184 Likes
  • *10th* Suditya Karwal – Rs.30 Paytm Cash – 153 Likes
  • *11th* Harsh mahajan – Rs.30 Paytm Cash – 92 Likes
  • *12th* Keshav Dav Tandon – Rs.30 Paytm Cash – 74 Likes
  • *13th* Yatin Mago – Rs.30 Paytm Cash – 62 Likes
  • *14th* Hardik Meckwan – Rs.30 Paytm Cash – 45 Likes
  • *15th* Shalu Singh – Rs.30 Paytm Cash – 27 Likes

Note – Above amount of Likes are reported between 11:50PM – 11:59PM (1st Jan, 2017) Likes after that we are not considering at all.

Winners are Requested to Please mail their Details to [email protected]

1st & 2nd Winners shall mail us their Account Number, IFSC Code, Name on Bank. Whereas Recharge / Paytm Cash winners have to mail us their Number, Operator & State!

: Last Year (2016) Winners :-

  • *1st* Nikhil Nayak – Rs.300 – 399 Likes
  • *2nd* Arvind Kumar Nager – Rs.150 – 192 Likes
  • *3rd* Pooja Singhania – Rs.100 Recharge – 63 Likes
  • *4th* Vinish bhaskar – Rs.50 Recharge – 46 Likes
  • *5th* Aman Chabbra – Rs.50 Recharge – 42 Likes
Winners are Requested to Please mail their Details to [email protected]

1st & 2nd Winners shall mail us their Account Number, IFSC Code, Name on Bank. Whereas Recharge / Paytm Cash winners have to mail us their Number, Operator & State!

: New Year (2017) Rewards :-

  • 1st Position – Rs.500 Cash Prize (Direct in Bank)
  • 2nd Position – Rs.300 Cash Prize (Direct in Bank)
  • 3rd -4th Position – Rs.100 Mobile Recharge
  • 5th – 6th Position – Rs.50 Mobile Recharge
  • 7th – 15th Position – Rs.30 Paytm Cash Each (Cash Prize Increased!)
Criteria : Participant’s Facebook Post must have atleast 20+ likes. Likes will be counted till the contest period. If posting on facebook wall (Not in any group / page) then you have to tag atleast 10 of your friends.
Contest is valid from 00:00 AM (29th December 2016) – to – 11:59 PM (1st January, 2017) only.
Participating :-

  • Firstly, Like our Facebook page
  • (Optional) Follow us on Twitter from here @abhi2you_india
  • (Optional) Follow us on Instagram from here @abhi2you
  • Simply Click on the Facebook Share button Below, Share this page link on your facebook wall, Group or on a specific page!
P.S. You tag your friends in you facebook post, to receive maximum Likes. Min. 10 friends are must to be tagged!
  • After clicking on the share button, A Popup Facebook Share box will appear, Enter some text (↓↓ See the Example below ↓↓).

  • As told before you can post it on your own ‘Timeline‘ (Don’t share it on friend’s timeline or via private message).

P.S. Post Privacy must be set to Public not friends or any else present.
  • All Done Now, Simply Click on the ‘Share‘ button. Now Copy your Profile Link.
  • After copying just submit your entry by commenting below your link (↓↓ See below example to know more ↓↓) – Most Important
  • Visit your Profile and Start tagging your friends in the post (Tag atleast 10 friend to enter in this contest).

P.S. Don’t share it on any public group / page. Such activities may make spam of this contest.
Results will be shared anytime on 1st January 2016 | Stay Tuned |

Terms and Conditions :

  1. We owns the right to disqualify any of the participant who violates our terms.
  2. All Prizes are eligible only for selected participants – “No criteria will be applied”
  3. User must share the post > tag friends > post his / her’s profile link below to participate.
  4. User have to tag atleast 10 of his / her’s facebook friends & got atleast 25 likes in his / her’s post to enter!
  5. Bank transfers may take time upto 15 day days. Free Recharges will be made within 3 days of the result.
  6. Contest can be shutted and can be changed anytime.
  7. We can anytime cancel your Free Gift / Recharge if we found you guilty.
  8. No Spams and no abusment will be entertained.
  9. Prizes are as mentions and can be anytime charged based upon the owner.
  10. We owns each and every right so please contact us for details [email protected]

Please Mail Us / Comment below for any Assistance !


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