Paytmmall Loot- Buy Pedigree Gravy Dog Food at Re 1 (Free Shipping)

Pedigree is a 100% complete & nutritionally balanced food for dogs. Each Pedigree recipe is formulated and backed by experts at the Waltham Centre for pet nutrition to provide your pet dog with all the nourishment he needs. The distinct needs of dogs and the various nutrients essential for their growth are met through the wide range of pet food that Pedigree offers.

Paytmmall is offering Pedigree Gravy Dog Food Chicken chunks in gravy 80 g for Adult + Puppy for Re 1 only + Free Shipping too.

How to Avail the offer?

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  • Perfect fresh meal that s gently cooked to retain vitamins that are more natural
  • Moist chicken chunks in wet healthy gravy that ll leave your dog asking for more!
  • Suitable for all dog breeds ; highly effective for fussy eaters be it a cute little Pug a big bold German Shepherd or a friendly playful Labrador!
  • Can be mixed with any meal dry food or home cooked food to enhance taste and improve moisture-content


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