Binomo Trading: How to, Ways to Earn, Smart Investment

Binomo Trading: Binomo is a platform which are into such work, to make your dream into reality. Its an Online Trading Website where you open your account with your email, then you are redirected to the Trade dashboard from where you can place orders. After selecting the assets, investment amount, and expiry time, you can place a trading order.

Trading Order you can place on your Predictions, which means either your Prediction is that the indices will go up in the graph or down. Also Don’t forget that trading is not a lottery, it is work. 

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Moreover, it is best suited for short-term trading such as 1-5 minute which is the biggest advantage of this broker. You can can make money within few minutes itself if your predictions is good with the asset you selected to trade upon.

Another good thing with Binomo is that, As soon as you sign up they let you trade for free with Demo account. Where you can understand how binomo platform works and how to use it. Its actually very simple.

How to start Binomo Trading ?

  • Firstly, Create your Free Account on Binomo from below link

Sign up on Binomo

No Paperwork or verification required on sign Up!

  • After Sign Up, You will be redirected to their Trade Dashboard

Binomo Trading Sign Up Page

  • Choose the Asset you want to trade in
  • Select time duration or interval
  • Now Choose the amount to trade with Min. is $1 or INR 70 rupees or multiples of Rs.70
  • Choose the UP (Green) or Down (Red) Button
  • If your Prediction works well, you wins : Rs.128 approx on investment of Rs.70 (If lost then Rs.70 is deducted from your balance)
  • You can Start trading with Demo account to get to know Binomo platform better
  • When you feel confident you can put your own money & Start Trading (Minimum Deposit is 10$ or Rs.700 INR)

Binomo is a trusted trading site based in Russia, So don’t worry about its authenticity. 

Tips or Ways to Earn on Binomo Trading :

Limiting Losses:

Introduce a daily limit on the number of failed trades, for example, 10. Or, on the percentage for the total balance, 15%.

Never exceed that limit, even if you feel like you’re about to hit the jackpot! Be Calm and Trade Smarty daily / Regular basis to make the easy money

Control your Emotions while Binomo Trading :

Pay attention to your behavior during the trading day. Your emotional state, whether it’s positive or negative, should not prevent you from following your trading strategies!

Make sure your guide yourself through your experiences not via Impulses. Study the market of the Asset you choose to invest into.

Analyze the market :

Which Asset you are choosing to trade is important. And whichever asset you choose make sure you study the market and make your strategies accordingly.

Train yourself:

Invest some time trading on Binomo with your demo account and start making your strategy, so that when you invest you get some experience before hand.

Dont’t Trade too many times in a single day. Daily do few tradings and flourish yourself.

Smart Investment

There are many kind of Investment options now available worlwide. There are many virtual investment options too available like Cryptocurrency. Binomo also comes under Smart investment category but here you are required to use your mind and work in order to gain benefits.

Binomo is not something like a Lottery or Crypto as You need to trade in order to earn. So if you invest your time and learn the art of trading on binomo. You could really make good amount of money. 

Am saying all this based on my experiences. You can read other articles too on binomo and then only make a decision either you should invest on binomo or not.

Disclaimer: This is a promotional campaign or story by Binomo and the liability for the same solely rests with them. We are just sharing our thoughts on Binomo Platform. Rest is upto you its your Money eventually.


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