YeLo App – Get your 1st Credit Card in 1 Hour

Hello A2Y Looters, Ever since you have been searching for credit cards and offers on them, their annual charges & interest rates, Yelo app is here where you can get all the offers, annual charges, benefits & Interest rates listed at one place. Compare credit cards of various banks & find the most suitable one for yourself.

There is a question that, why do you want to use a credit card? Because you are not as rich as a landlord but Credit card is actually for the poor (People who think that the card is only for consumption is wrong).

YeLo App

I applied for my first credit card in 2017. At that time I was working for more than 2 years. The only reason I did this is that, I was in crush with a “Macbook Air 2016” and had no money to buy it. I was a bit embarrassed to carry my Lenovo to Starbucks. Later, my colleague reminded me that I can pay for the Macbook through installments, which is better than selling my kidneys. It sounds cool right?

Ajio [CPS] IN

So I called bank’s in next day, their customer executive was on phone with me, telling me why I should Choose credit card is best and all. I became so confused and so much troubled with terms like Reward points and fees. I hanged up on them. I thought I will find myself a Best Credit Cards offers of this year and card which provides me more Credit money and comes with less bank charges.

I searched across the bank sites and found so much information that it just became a nightmare. I heard name of some popular apps so I decided to check them out and that’s how I came across YeLo credit card app.

YeLo App

It highlighted every information related to cards in a simple manner useful for beginners and I was able to choose which Credit card I want, see all the offers on it, how much fees and interest rate they charge after the interest-free period. It was very easy, I applied for a Credit card in just 1 hour which solved a lot of my finance problem.

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How to Use Yelo App ?

  • Firstly, Download YeLo App from below Link
  • Once installed, Open the App > Register a new account
  • Goto Credit cards or Loans or Offers sections
  • You will find various credit cards of various banks.
  • Give your personal details to Yelo app and they will fetch the best suitable credit card for you.
  • You can compare the offers, bank rates, charges of each credit card interactively.

YeLo’s Silent features-

  • Credit cards: Apply for any number of credit cards from leading bank all over India, YeLo lists down all the credit cards banks-wise
  • Instant loans: Browse for instant personal loans provided by you would like to avail, YeLo provides precise info related to short Instant loans, payday loans, personal Instant loans & more
  • Offers: YeLo list downs all the offers across various sites & stores like Croma, Apple, Flipkart, Amazon & more available on many Credit cards


Even you are hesitated to apply for a credit card, cash loan home credit or not, you can quickly check the credit information of each bank there, and so many free financial suggestions are there , cash loan, personal loans ,business card offers also available on it. For example, do you know by which credit cards you can get 20% cashback today?


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